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This is one of two official sites for all information regarding the Moonridge Zoo and our Annual Online Charity Auction given in Garett Maggart's name.

Our other - and primary - site is the Moonridge Online Auction Website designed and maintained by the wonderful Virginia Sky. The link will be up as soon as the website is updated for this year's auction and charity event at Moonridge. In the meantime, this journal will keep you up-to-date.

This year, 2009, The Moonridge Zoo will resume its special charity event, having skipped last year. The event, once called the "Alpine Celebration" is now called "Sentinel Day", in honor of the wonderful and generous fans of The Sentinel and Garett Maggart (since Moonridge is his charity).

The very first "Alpine Celebration" took place in 2001 when the zoo learned that it was losing its lease on the land. In the intervening years, their goal has been to continue supporting and sustaining the animals that make their home at the park while, at the same time, trying to raise money to purchase and build the new zoo. Garett's fans have been a part of this effort from the beginning and, working together, and all around the world, have raised, to date, well over $100,000 - with the online auction responsible for over $80,000 of the monies!


1. Sentinel Day at the Zoo is scheduled for Saturday, June 20, 2009 - from 10:00am to 3:00pm and yes, as of now, Garett's appearance has been confirmed.

2. This year's Annual Online Auction is scheduled to start on Saturday, May 16 at approximately 8:00am, and will end on Saturday, May 30th (the donated items will end at various times throughout the day). All monies will be due no later than June 19th, 2009. For all information on how to donate and how to bid, see the FAQ under the cut!


How does the auction work?

Fans donate items - beginning about 2 months prior to the auction - which are then posted at our website by category and type. On the evening before the auction actually begins, all 'biddable' items are loaded by the Moonies (myself and upwards of five other elves *g*)into thefreeauction.com site. All 'special', 'claim','partnership' and animal adoptions remain on the our website under their appropriate category. The auction lasts for two weeks. For biddable items, high bid at the end of the auction - wins.

It's highly recommended that all interested parties check out thefreeauction.com site whether you've participated before or not (it's easy to forget passwords!) If you're new to the auction, you'll need to register. It's FREE and costs neither you nor us a dime to use so all proceeds go directly to Moonridge!

What can I donate?

You can donate timed-out zine stories, zines, new stories written specifically for the winner, stories already written but not yet posted, artwork for one high bidder, or pieces of art that can be given to a set number of people who donate a set amount of money. You can donate handcrafted items that can be offered to one winner or several handcrafted items for a set number of people who can win them by donating a specific amount of money set by you. You can also offer ficlets based on winner/s prompts, icons, wallpapers, banners, story covers and commissioned work. You can offer podfics, website building, or any other type of skill, etc.

How do I donate?

Simply write a small blurb about your donation and email it to me at: alyjude@cox.net. Your blurb MUST include a full description of the item/s, any applicable photo, your email address, and any URL that showcases your work (fiction website, fiction archives, website, photobucket URL, etc). You may offer a 'regular' (meaning 'biddable') item or a 'Special Item' and examples of all types of donation blurbs are below:

Sample Blurbs:


These samples are for a regular "Bid" auction item (meaning your item will be listed at thefreeauction.com site and will have only one winner - the highest bidder):

"Jane Doe (jdoe@ballywho.gogo) is offering an "ABC" novel to the highest bidder. Author is willing to accept ideas from the winner, but will not do any death stories. Samples of her stories can be found at (insert URL)"


"Jane Doe (jdoe@ballywho.gogo) is offering a completed "ABC" novel to the highest bidder. Samples of her stories can be found at (insert URL)"

OR a craft item:

"Jane Doe (jdoe@ballywho.gogo) is offering one handcrafted wolf-themed afghan to the highest bidder. You can see a sample of her work at the following site: (insert URL)"

Note: Craft items do NOT have to be fandom-themed


This sample is for an item you could offer to more than one fan and is called a "Special Auction Item" which means multiple winners and listed ONLY at our website. The number of special items and the dollar amount for a donation are set by you:

"Jane Doe (jdoe@ballywho.gogo) is offering five completed ficlets (each one is a minimum of 25 pages and maximum of 100) to everyone who donates $25 to Moonridge. Once she receives proof of donation from alyjude, the stories will be placed on a special website (or LJ) and locked. To view previous stories by this author, go to: (insert URL)"

OR Arts or Crafts sample blurbs:

"Jane Doe (jdoe@ballywho.gogo) is offering 10 icons (winners choice) to the first 15 people who donate $20 to Moonridge. To view a sample of her icon artwork, go here: (insert URL)"


"Jane Doe (jdoe@ballywho.gogo) is offering handmade cellphone pouches adorned with collected beads, gemstones and charms to the first 10 people who donate $20 to Moonridge. To view a sample of the pouches, go here: (insert URL)"

Can I ask for stories the way we've done in previous years?

Yes. These are called "Claim Auctions" and work like this: You again write up a brief blurb and send it to me.

Example Claim Blurbs:

"Jane Doe (jdoe@ballywho.gogo) will donate $10 to Moonridge for every author up to 5 (for a total donation of $50) who are willing to write an "ABC" story of at least 5 pages in length."

"Jane Doe (jdoe@ballywho.gogo) will donate $15 to Moonridge for any artists (up to five, for a total donation of $75) willing to create some artwork (at least two pieces per story, including cover art) for five of Jane's own stories for her website."

When can I send my donation blurb and to whom?

You can begin sending your blurb/s NOW and to me at: alyjude@cox.net Donation blurbs will be accepted from now until one day before the auction ends! But remember, the sooner you send your blurb, the more time people have to plan, choose and save!

If I donate stories that I haven't started yet, or are unfinished, how long do I have to complete them for the winner/s?

Completion date of stories is on the AUTHOR'S SIDE - your readers understand that you are at the mercy of your muse and RL. Because of this, they know it will be a MINIMUM of (90) NINETY days before they might see the completed work, and could even be up to a year or more! The key is to keep communicating with your winner!

How do I get my story/ies to the winner/s?

That's up to you. If the story goes to a single winner, simply send via an email. If the story/ies are for multiple winners, I recommend either a zip file, or posting to a special webpage or LJ and either locking the post for the winners only or providing a password. BUT - send nothing until you hear from me!

How will I know when to "give" the winning item/s to the lucky individuals?

Once the auction is over and winners begin to pay and provide proof of payment to me, I then send you - AND copy the winner/s - a single email called a "Connect Notice" - at that point, the ball is in your court. Under no circumstances should either the winner or the person who donated the item connect before receiving the Official Connect Notice from me!

Often, the Connect Email will contain several recipients because many people donate more than one item, so I'll sent them ONE email with all their winners copied in the email - or one buyer will have won several items, so again, I'll send ONE email to them and copy all the people they won items from - then listing everything in the body of the email. Just remember:

When replying to each other - make sure you erase my name. In addition, since my email program will often use just one name to identify someone, you can right click on that name in the TO: line, then click on properties, and that will reveal their email address.

REPEAT: Once both you and your winner/s receive the email from me, it is YOUR responsibility to take the next step and begin the communication.

How long must an author or artist wait to post any stories or artwork to the public after the auction?

The winners have sole proprietary use of the story/s or artwork for a minimum of 30 days but the person donating the item may extend that. Only with permission of the winner/s can anything be posted earlier.

If I win an item/s - how long do I have to pay?

I must receive proof of payment (or money orders/checks) no later than one day before the event at Moonridge. Since it's on June 20th of this year, I must receive proof (paypal receipt or money orders/checks) no later than Friday, June 19th) so that the total can be announced at the event.

How do I pay?

Paypal is PREFERRED, but check or money order will also be accepted. If you use Paypal, do NOT use my email addy - use this one:


This way, your money goes DIRECTLY to MOONRIDGE and no one else!
And which ever method you choose to pay, you MUST include the following information (in the Paypal comment section, or on the note section of your check or money order, or even on a piece of paper sent with your check/money order):


NOTE: Each donated item is given a designation (we use GM for Garett Maggart, followed by a number and whether it's an open item - meaning for bidding - or a special item, etc. - so an item number might look like this: GM#10OPEN) This makes them easily identifiable at thefreeauction.com site.

Once you've sent it to Moonridge, Paypal will show you the details of your transaction. YOU MUST COPY THAT TO ME as proof that you paid! Otherwise, you will never be connected to the person whose item you won.

If paying via check or money order - make it out to Moonridge Animal Park - NOT ME! In addition, in order to account for your contribution, do NOT mail the checks or money orders to Moonridge. They have nothing to do with the auction or how it runs and can not connect you so you may receive your winnings. Thus, all checks/money orders must come to me at this address:

Allison French
30751 El Corazon #225
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

I will then note your payment, connect you to the donator/s and all checks and money orders will be given to Betsy Henke at Moonridge on the date of the Event.

NOTE: When using Paypal, you will be asked what the money is for - do NOT use "Auction" or Moonridge will be charged. Instead, use 'other' or 'unique' or 'gift'.

How can a prospective bidder view artwork, crafts, etc?

We will, if a photo of an item is available from the donator, post it at our website. It may also be viewable at the donator's website or journal and they will have provided a URL. Same with sample stories.


Every year, Moonridge allows us to put up several animals for 'adoption' by the fans. This is primarily for those who know they can't attend the event (but is open to everyone), and want to contribute to the care of a specific animal. Moonridge sends both photos and a brief blurb on each animal, which you will find at our website under "Animal Adoptions". You can go to the ANIMAL ADOPTION PAGE from last year's auction to get an idea of how it works.

How can I adopt an animal?

Once you've decided which animal/s you want to adopt, simply follow the same payment rules as outlined above, but in the comments, add the name/s of the animal/s. The cost to adopt one animal is $25. Once the auction is over and Moonridge has received all monies for the animals, they will send out an adoption certificate (often accompanied by a photo) to you, so make sure you show a current and accurate address.

NOTE: If using Paypal and you've won several items AND adopted any animals, it's preferable that you put ALL of it on ONE paypal. Same if using checks or money orders. Just one is required for ALL winnings/adoptions. BUT if you've been a big winner - and paying by check/money order, thus have limited space, include a note with all that you're paying for, please! This will make bookkeeping for me much easier, and keep the amount of paperwork flooding into Moonridge to a minimum! THANK YOU!

If you have any other questions not covered here, in the FAQ, please feel free to email me at alyjude@cox.net


Clean out those closets, get those artistic juices flowing and remember: this is a big year - the auction will be taking place during Garett's birthday and he turns the big 4-0! In addition, this year marks an anniversary of sorts: It's been ten years since our show went off the air! And FINALLY - this will be the LAST Sentinel Day at the old zoo - so we'll be saying goodbye to the intimacy and beauty of our little zoo. Let's make this the best AUCTION AND EVENT EVER

PS: THANK YOU to the anonymous donor of two paid months! ::Major kisses and hugs::


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Feb. 21st, 2009 05:53 pm (UTC)
New Moonridge LJ
Yay! Looking forward to all the news and auction. With what I pay in real estate taxes here, I'll never be able to save enough to attend, but I wish I could. Good luck to all of you.
Feb. 21st, 2009 10:40 pm (UTC)
Re: New Moonridge LJ
Don't worry, there will be tons of reports and pictures so any who can't attend will be able to live vicariously!
Mar. 15th, 2009 12:27 pm (UTC)
Aly, I have blurb to send you but the email link doesn't work.
Apr. 6th, 2009 09:41 pm (UTC)
I answered you, didn't I?
with the correct email?
Apr. 7th, 2009 12:55 pm (UTC)
Re: I answered you, didn't I?
Deed you did, our offering's already up on the site. :o)
Aug. 21st, 2010 02:37 pm (UTC)
Творчески :) Очень интересно, но все в будущем хотелось бы еще побольше узнать об этом.
Feb. 12th, 2011 12:26 am (UTC)
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