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This Saturday is the deadline for anyone who wants a special auction item, Claim Item or to adopt an animal IF paying via check or money order!

For everyone paying via Paypal, you still have time to buy up some great stuff - your deadline for claiming and paying is NEXT Friday, June 19th.

Sadly, for the first time ever, we have more UNPAID items than paid in the Biddable category - and Moonridge is only a week and a half away. We currently have almost $6,000 UNPAID (over THIRTY ITEMS) - BUT - if everyone pays, we'll actually MEET our second highest amount raised - $18,000.

I know site fell down on the job and some "Win" notifications weren't sent out while others ended up in spam folders, so if you were bidding and you don't know if you won or not, send me an "E".

Final note: We usually average about $5,000 for the animals - this year our total is less than half that ($2300). :(  But still - given the economy - I'm my usual proud self at The Sentinel Fandom and all the other fandoms that took part this year!

And as usual, major kudos and gratitude go to everyone who contributed items - and then money to win them - because there would be NO auction without both! And, of course, to the Moonies (Rae, Geri, Ande and the more recently added, Alayne) for passing my posts to lists I'm not a member of - and of course, to VIRGINIA SKY for the WONDERFUL job she did - and always does - with our official website!

*thunderous applause can be heard throughout journal-land*
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