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1. ACTIVE BIDDING/AUCTION ITEMS: These are items fans eagerly bid on in order to WIN them, thus each item in this category will go to the HIGHEST BIDDER. These items are found at our "Donated Items" pages.

Bidding this year has changed as thefreeauction.com site seemed to have a glitch, making it impossible to use. That means we're relying on good old fashioned EMAILS. You'll find the precise procedure in our FAQ - QUESTION #7.

Winners will be determined based on the LAST EMAIL RECEIVED BY MIDNIGHT, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th & ALL WINNERS will be notified via email from ALY. At that point, you can PAY!

2. SPECIAL DONATED ITEMS: These are items that have been donated to A) an "Unlimited" number of fans, as in "everyone who" - or a "Limited" number of fans, as in "To the first five who..."
The individual who donated the item/s also sets the donation amounty also have a 'set' donation amount as set by the individual who donated the item/s. These are found HERE at page 2 of our Donated Items pages.

3. FIRST ONE-FIRST WON ITEMS: These are items where the donator chose not to use the "Active Bidding" and chose instead to set their own price. The first person who gets their email to me stating their desire for the item is the winner (contingent on paying, of course, as with all categories).

4. MAKE A WISH ITEMS: This was formerly called "Claim Auction" but other than a name change, nothing else is different. Basically, a fan 'makes a wish' for something; like a story, artwork, zines, memorabilia, etc. and they promise to donate a specified amount if their wish is granted (and they may specify they'll take multiple 'grants'). When the wish is "granted" by another fan, the 'wisher' will be notified by aly at the conclusion of the Auction. Upon "Proof of Payment", both wisher and granter will be connected via email. These items are found HERE.

5. ANIMAL ADOPTIONS: Each year, the Zoo provides us with a list of animals that NEED adopting more than others, which gives you, the fan, a rare opportunity to be a part of the Zoo by becoming a 'parent' to one or more of the listed animals. Your donation, along with all the other fans who also choose to become parents will help care, feed and house these animals. The Adoption donation for each animal is $25. At the end of the Auction, the Zoo will send you an Adoption Certificate and photo of the animal/s you adopted via an email. This may take time due to the number of 'new parents'. *G*

6. DONATION BLURBS: When you donate an item, I ask that you provide a "descriptive paragraph' or sentence describing your offer and any helpful information, including applicable URLS. This 'Blurb" is what appears on the Donated Items Pages. For more on how to write up your Blurb, scroll down to "Tips on How to Write A Blurb"

7. ITEM IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: (READ CAREFULLY) - Every item donated will have its own "Identification" for use in all correspondence and listing on the DONATED ITEMS PAGES.

You'll find a full explanation on what all the acronyms and numbers mean in an ID below as well as samples.



AUC=     Auction Items
SD=       Special Donations
FF=       First One, First Won items
MW=     A Make A Wish Item

SF=    "/" fiction
F=      Gen fiction
A=      Art
AA=    "/" Art
SV=    Song Videos
Z=       Zines
Mem=  Memorabilia
Misc=  Miscellaneous (this category would include PodFics, Arts & Crafts and other unique items)



Say the first email I receive with a donated item is from "Jane Doe". She's donating a story for the Special Donations. She's included her "Blurb" which tells me the fiction is "/". Based on that, I assign the following "ID" to her Donation:

GM=Garett Maggart
SD=Special Donation
SF="/" Fiction
#1=The first donation received by me

Now say I receive another email with a donation, this one from "Joan Deer". Joan is offering - for the Auction - an oil painting based on the show, "White Collar".  But she also has a "Wish", namely she'll donate $35 to the Zoo if an artist will provide cover art and one interior piece for a story she's just finished. That's two separate items and, based on how they appear in the email, I assign the following ID's:
To the first item in her email; the story:
GM=Garett Maggart
A=Art work
#2=The first donation received for the auction category

And for the second item in her email, the "Wish":
GMMWA#1 or
GM=Garett Maggart
MW="Make A Wish"
A="/" Fiction
#3=The first donation received for the Make A Wish category

Here's how your donations will appear at our Web site - with ID# and your Blurb (using examples from above):

First item from Jane Doe (as outlined above) would appear at our website like this:

GMSDSF#1: From Jane Doe (JD@beki-bekistan.com): "She's offering a "/" TS story, J/B to everyone who donates $35 to the Zoo. The story is finished and is 85 pages long. It's a Sentoo resolution with a happy ending. For samples of her stories, go to: www.anthroguppy.com"

Example #2: The second email received, this one from Joan Deer, would look like this at our website:

GMAUCA#1 From Joan Deer (jd34@yahoo.com): "She's offering a "/" White Collar work of art showing P/N and done by "Sally B". The work is matted and framed, done in oil. Photo of art is at right. Joan will pay shipping if winner is in the US, otherwise, winner pays shipping.

Her "Wish" would appear in the "Make a Wish" section of the web site like this:

GMMWSF#1: From Joan Deer (id34@yahoo.com): "She would like someone to do a cover art piece and interior art for her White Collar "/" (P/N) novel she's written. She would like the art work to represent the 'feel' of her story, and doesn't care if it's an original piece of art, a manipulation, or a piece of art created in Photoshop, etc. She will donate $35 for the cover and $10 for the interior art (and $5 for each piece of additional interior art). The art does not have to be by the same artist. One artist can do the cover and another can offer to do the interior. To view the story, go here: www.theforgerydepartment.com"



Your "Blurb" should be short and sweet. You must include the following:

  • The name or "Handle" you wish to be seen on the Web (website, Update site and when sending ALY your emails with bids for the ACTIVE BIDDING part of the EVENT).

  • Your email address so fans can contact you if they have questions about your donation or Wish (it will be public)

  • Any applicable URL, such as where your stories or artwork may be found so fans can read examples/see samples

  • The $ amount if it's for the Special Donations or First One-First Won as well as what you're willing to donate if you're making a Wish

  • If shipping is involved, you must state whether you'll pay or the winner will

  • Descriptive wording and information, ie; type of story, type of art, size of item, materials used, etc.

The examples used under "More Samples of Identification Numbers" are also excellent examples of how your "Blurb" should look. If you have any questions, email me.



  • Arts & Crafts: Such as jewelry (fandom-themed is always popular), fandom-themed check covers/credit card holders, quilts, knitted items, fandom-themed hand-made dolls, needlepoint, carved items, etc. Basically, just about anything you can think of or create

  • Song Vids: CD's of existing song vids can be donated or you can offer to create a song vid/s to order, for any fandom

  • PodFics: These have become a very popular item to donate, either a podfic that already exists of fandom stories, or the offer to create one to order

  • Manipulated Art or Original Art: Either already created, or made to order for the winner/s

  • Photoshopped Items: Such as icons to order, banners, story covers, zine artwork, Mood Themes, etc.

  • Technical Abilities: Offering to create websites; or setting up a Journal or Blog. Or offering web space.

As you can see, when it comes to the Auction, there's no limit other than your imagination as to what can be donated. Every fandom has iconic items associated with it (like wolves and jaguars for TS) and many fans have collected such items over the years and the Auction offers a great way to contribute to the Zoo by donating some of those collectibles.

Thank you in advance for your Support, your Donations, and your Generosity.

You've been faithful to this event, the animals and the Zoo for TEN wonderful years and I'm proud to be a part of such a fantastic group of women (and a few men), and I know Garett is both appreciative and thankful, as is the Zoo and non-profit group whose job it is to help raise money;
The Friends of The Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Special thanks to the Moonies:
and new this year: