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This is the site that will keep you up-to-date on everything "Zoo". All new information will be posted here and can be found by scrolling down to the special photo of Garett and the Zoo through the years. The updates will include all of the following:

#1: News on the relocation of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo (formerly known as The Moonridge Animal Park), Garett Maggart's charity.

#2: Information on upcoming Sentinel Day's at the Zoo, which is the annual charity event at the Zoo to help raise money for the relocation. Garett appears each year and it's a great opportunity for fans to interact with him as well as enjoy the Zoo and even adopt an animal.

#3: All information on our Annual Online Fandom Charity Event for the Zoo (last year's 2013 info can be found HERE).

#4: You can find out how the auction started, how much we've raised over the years for the Zoo, as well as photos and reports on Sentinel Days at the Zoo from previous years. Just click on the links below.

For even more photos and in-depth reports on previous Sentinel Day events held at the Zoo with Garett, check out starwatcher307's journal and her LINK PAGE. Just scroll down to "Con Reports".



JULY 4TH, 2014:

First off, Happy 4th to all my US friends and now,
the newest update:

As previously posted, the Zoo was finally given the approval required by the Board to actually start building. This has given us new hope once again, with 2016 being the target year for the move to the new Zoo and, of course, the Grand Opening. With that in mind, and knowing how hard it is for our talented authors and artists and everyone else who donates items, to create, find, and try to get their donations to the winners, there will be NO AUCTION in 2014 or 2015. The only exception would be if the Zoo announces another "Sentinel Day" for 2015, of course. Otherwise, the next auction will take place a few months prior to the Grand Opening. This will give folks time to write, create, sew, find, save up - maybe even finish those brilliant stories your wonderful - and patient - readers have won in past auctions. *wags finger at self*

There is one part of our Annual Benefit that will continue - and that's the Animal Adoption. Right now, it's planned for later this summer. And remember, adopting an animal can be done easily and only costs $25 to help the Zoo care for the animal of your choice. Every year, I'm asked why certain animals seen at the Zoo aren't up for adoption and the answer is simple: Only those animals who can't be released into the wild, and thus will spend the rest of their lives at our Zoo, are in need of adopting.

Last update for July 4th, 2014: A wonderful senfen who is a huge fan of the Zoo - and of TS writers (which is why she's our archivist over at AO3) - shared a great idea that allows you to 'give' to our Zoo all year long. It's a site called Goodsearch. I heartily encourage those of you who shop online to click on the link and join. "Friends of the Big Bear Alpine Zoo" is already one of the registered charities, as you'll discover when you type in the Zoo's name when you register. Just remember not to type in Moonridge!! *G* It's now the Big Bear Alpine Zoo so don't forget! Once you've joined, simply use the site to reach your ultimate shopping webpage destinations, like Amazon,, etc.. This will allow all of your purchases to count toward money for the Zoo. Kind of like eBates. :)

Oh, and you might pass your thanks along to magician113. She was the wonderful senfen who told me about it!

Stay tuned to this page and/or alyburns for more information on the upcoming Adoptions for this summer. and any and all other Zoo news!

JUNE 6th, 2014:



As mentioned in a previous Update, everyone at the Zoo has been waiting over a year for the San Bernadino Board of Supervisors to approve the relocation of the zoo - and in April, they finally did it!!!


Gale, the Office Manager for the Zoo, believes they'll actually break ground and begin the excavation process this year, with construction continuing through 2015. She further shared with me there's a good chance our Zoo will have its grand opening either by the summer or early fall of 2016 - and yes, she also said it would be great to tie in the 20th anniversary of The Sentinel's first episode with the Grand Opening!!

Gentle Brain Nudge: The Sentinel premiered on March 20, 1996, hence 2016 will mark the 20th anniversary of our beloved show

Start saving now, guys; save for the biggest, greatest Auction in our history (we'll run it two months prior to whatever opening date we're eventually given), and for, perhaps, that dream trip to California in 2016 to join in on the Grand Opening festivities with Garett and your fellow TS friends!!!

Please pass this one to all our TS senfen as well as any other fandoms who have joined us over the years in the auction and in the love and care of what will be, for us, the Moonridge Zoo! :)

For more information on the relocation, go directly to: Zoo's update page


OCTOBER 16th, 2013:

As of September 21st, the San Bernadino Board of Supervisors has still not put their stamp of approval on the breaking ground for the new Zoo. In fact, they've yet to have it included on the agenda. Stay tuned, though, as the FOBBZ (the non-profit group that raises money for the Zoo) is trying very hard to get this important issue on the agenda. When we know more, you'll know.

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